"My Mother needed some independent support when she had difficulties with her housing situation. We were constantly having to battle with authority, pushed from pillar to post and at the end of our tether. We contacted advocacy and within a matter of weeks they helped her sort it out! They explained what her rights were, supported her to speak up at meetings and ensured that my Mother had choice and control.
Brilliant! Thank you"

By Mrs TL Carisbrooke

"I needed someone to support me to attend meetings and say what I really wanted to say. I now have an advocate and feel strong at meetings."

By Ms JF - Newport

"We had no idea that we had so many options." By family and client

"Advocacy really DID change my life!" By Mr SA - Ryde

"As a Residential Home Manager we occasionally require advocacy services for our elderly residents. I have found 'Southern Advocacy Services' extremely helpful. They always respond quickly and efficiently to our requests and are able to visit at a time to suit individuals. They establish a safe, trusting relationship with our residents and as a result people's views are heard and responded to appropriately."

From A Residential Care Home Manager

"Thank you – from the bottom of my heart! My advocate makes me feel that anything is possible"

By Ms CK – Sandown

"I would have no hesitation in using this Advocacy Service again in the future and would highly recommend them to any organisation out there needing an independent advocacy service"

From A Senior Social Care Manager