[DoLS] Paid Relevant Persons Representatives (PRPR)


DoLS = Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DoLS) [Mental Capacity Act 2005]
Supervisory Body = Local Authority DoLS team
Managing Authority = The placement (care home or hospital) which is imposing the ‘restriction/s’

Who can refer and instruct a PRPR?

PRPR referrals can only come from the Supervisory Body. This is because they have the legal duty (via a Best Interest Assessor) to identify if a person does not have someone suitable to represent them independently in relation to DoLS, and if not, to instruct a PRPR (IMCA) to undertake this role for the duration of the [DoLS] authorisation.

When can you refer and instruct a PRPR?

A Supervisory Body can instruct a PRPR if there is the requirement for a DoLS, following the independent best interest assessment, and so-long-as there is no person who is considered suitable to represent the persons views under Schedule A1 of the Act. The Mental Capacity Act gives guidance in relation to the instruction of a PRPR.

What processes do we support people with?

During an active DoLS authorisation we support the person to:

  • Request a ‘review’ of the [DoLS] authorisation
  • Support a ‘complaint’ to be made in relation to a DoLS matter/s
  • 'Appeal’ the DoLS under s.21A to the Court of Protection (CoP)

What we can do?

  • Discuss with the Managing Authority lesser restrictive options and approaches
  • Discuss with the Managing Authority concerns we, or the person has in relation to DoLS
  • Make sure any DoLS ‘conditions’ are being adhered
  • Support the person for the duration of the authorisation

What we cannot do?

  • We cannot be involved in general care planning
  • We cannot be involved in any matters which are not relevant to the [DoLS] authorisation
  • We cannot support people to complain about ‘non-DoLS related’ matters
  • We cannot support decisions without consulting the person
  • We cannot be involved in accommodation or best interest decisions

What happens next?

Our PRPR’s will end their involvement when:

  • The person moves permanently from the Managing Authority,
  • the person passes away,
  • the person’s DoLS is removed due to ineligibility, or,
  • the person’s [DoLS] authorisation expires.


If you are interested in finding out more about our PRPR’s, please contact us.

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