Litigation Friend for the Court of Protection

A litigation friend acts for a person who hasn’t got capacity to make decisions in relation to legal proceedings. This role is usually undertaken by the best suited independent individual, as such, it is usually advocates already working with a person who are best suited to act in the role of litigation friend.

The litigation friend role is not something covered under our current contracts, this means we must be spot-purchased if requested to act as a litigation friend.

We only provide litigation friends for people in relation to Court of Protection (CoP) matters. Our litigation friends are approved by the CoP as ‘suitable’ before commencing their work.

What we can do?

  • We can make decisions in people’s best interest [in relation to legal proceedings]
  • We can take all reasonable steps to support the person to understand the ‘case’
  • We can obtain the persons views accurately through consultation/s
  • We can talk to the persons solicitor about what is happening, to get their advice and give them instruction from the person


If you are interested in finding out more about our Litigation Friend advocates, please contact us.

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