Family (Parent) Advocacy

Who can refer for a Family Advocate?

We are only able to accept referrals for family advocates from Children Social Service professionals or from the funding authorities ‘representative’. This is because we must be spot purchased to provide this support as there is no statutory right to family advocacy.

When can you refer for a Family Advocate?

Adults who have difficultly being involved in Children Social Service processes or interventions may need the support of an advocate to ensure they can understand and engage in the process, and, are not disadvantaged due to a disability or inability.

What process/interventions do we support people with?

We support people to understand and engage in the following processes:

  • Looked After Children (LAC) review
  • Child Protection (CP) conferences
  • Public Law Outline (PLO) meetings
  • Other meetings as agreed within the spot purchase contract

What we can do?

  • We can work with parents whose children are considered ‘looked after’, if the parents have a difficulty being involved in the above processes
  • We can arrange pre-meetings to support peoples understanding and help people prepare for meetings
  • We can ask for specific reasonable adjustments on the parents behalf
  • We can attend meetings with people, or on their behalf (with consent)
  • We can guide people toward complaints procedures (if required)
  • We can support people to understand documents and legal processes

What we cannot do?

  • We cannot work with, or represent people without their consent
  • We cannot make decisions for people
  • We cannot be involved in matters not related to our instruction
  • We cannot work with, or represent children

What happens next?

Our family advocates will end their involvement once the reason for instruction has been completed, and the person has been supported to understand any outcomes.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Family advocates, please contact us.

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